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Use Pegasus Network Systems NEAt to Check your TETRA/TRUNKING RADIO (PMR) system either

[Near Real Time & AUTOMATICALLY ] or [Historically]!



Welcome to the internet side of  Pegasus Network Systems.

Perfect communications is decisive for success. 

You can use Pegasus Network Systems NEAt for fully automatic:-

Trunked Radio LOADING Measurement,

Trunked Radio Frequency Certification,

Buendlefunk Frequenzauslastung Messung,



Herstellung von Frequenzauslastungsnachweis for

trunked radio loading measurement,

motorola dimetra radio loading measurement,

mobile radio system performance measurement,



We would be happy if you send us an email at


trunked radio loading measurement, motorola dimetra radio loading measurement, mobile radio system performance measurement, Frequenzauslastungsnachweis

Do you need TETRA AUDITING - Pegasus provides this SERVICE as an independent testing house. Pegasus has PMR TETRA test data sets used to compare the performance of different TETRA systems.



We provide products and services to help you to automatically 24/7 MONITOR the health and quality of your PMR SYSTEM and then OPTIMIZE it - e.g. TETRA, MPT1327 or GSM - Private or Public Mobile Radio (PMR) Systems - either from an "Historic" or a "Near Real Time" perspective, that is, to see exactly how it is performing.

We also assist you to understand if the Design of the PMR System (MPT1327, TETRA, GSM, P25) you are about to purchase and install will really support the number of mobiles (subscribers) that you expect it to support. See our web site section "PMR Systems CHECK" for more details.


Our Network Engineering Analysis Tool (NEAt) is used for 100% CDR analysis for manufacturers of TETRA SYSTEMS from companies like

EADS (https://pmronline.eads.com) where we are a Silver Class member or

Rohde & Schwarz (http://a-tapp.rsbick.com) where we are an A-TAPP member or

Motorola where we are a Dimetra TETRA Business Partner.

Pegasus uses Import Converters and so we could also process the calls from other systems - provided they have an appropriate CDR interface - like HARRIS (P25) software radio and IP, Sycoc,  TAIT, Telvent, Selex, Marconi, Siemens, Ericsson, Rohill, Motorola or THALES etc.


We also deliver a modern TETRA Billing System to support easy/fast  invoicing of your customers.

We work with the following technologies:





Inter Carrier,

On Demand Private Line (ODPL)

Fixed network terrestrial billing,

Wireless Network,


We deliver components like

Network Engineering Analysis Tools (NEAt)

Billing (BIS3),



to the Mobile Radio Telecommunication industry.

The  Network Engineering Analysis Tool  (NEAt) can also be used not only as a measurement tool but also as an INVESTIGATORY/ DISCOVERY TOOL (any Query can be made on the Pegasus Oracle SQL INTERNAL CDR database), a Design &  Planning tool and a Network Optimization Operative tool.


Pegasus supplies a TOP / HIGH-Level 100% automatic 24/7 "CDR Analysis" System, that is we work with the "results" obtained directly from the TETRA SWITCH SYSTEM itself - which is of course an even more powerful “view” of the entire TETRA system. For example, in a multi-SWITCH system – we view the System as a black box.

So in the event that you need a "complete" 100% SYSTEM ANALYSIS then please contact us so that we can then tell you about our “PEGASUS Network ENGINEERING ANALYSIS” Tool and how you can finally get your TETRA SYSTEM finally to work well and properly.


We offer:

the independent validation and monitoring of contracted levels of KPIs and SLAs of the network coverage throughout the life time of the PMR (e.g. TETRA, MPT1327, Cellular) system from ACCEPTANCE, through to DAILY OPERATION. We also provide "special" information that may also be available from the PMR system.

We also offer a SERVICE whereby the customer pays according to usage and Pegasus provides hardware/software/updates/Monthly Reports in local language. Contact Pegasus for further details.

Since 1993 Pegasus covers the complete life cycle (Install, Train, Operate and Handover) or from (Design, Installation, Optimization, Maintenance to Decommissioning).

Pegasus Network Systems is located close to London, Zurich and Frankfurt. We have plenty of space to expand and look forward to seeing you soon.

Do you have questions?

We would be happy if you send us an email at http://info@pegasus-network-systems.com

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